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Seasonal Pitch Terms & Conditions

You agree that you will keep to the terms of this Licence Agreement and the Park Rules

As soon as we have a signed agreement, copy of your insurance document and full payment, your seasonal pitch is yours to  use for holiday and recreational purposes during the current season, as detailed on page 1, provided you comply with your obligations in this Licence Agreement, which is non-transferable.  You may station an alternative or replacement caravan, but must first receive our consent in writing (which we will not withhold unreasonably).

Oakdown will  provide, maintain and keep in good state of repair the Pitch Services to the Caravan, except where these have to be interrupted for the purposes of repair, development or for other reasons beyond our control; such as interruptions in the supply of services to us.  Oakdown will insure the Park against usual third-party risks to a minimum of £5,000,000 per claim.

Electricity charges –  Oakdown will charge for electricity used during the season, in accordance with the requirements of the law and any relevant utility regulator.  Meter readings are taken at the beginning and the end of season.  Payment of electricity must be paid by the end of the season.

You must not use the Caravan as your only or main residence –  If we ask you to do so, you must give us satisfactory proof that your only or main residence is at the address registered with us as set out in Part I.  Satisfactory proof means a document such as a Council Tax bill, utility bill (sent to you at the address stated, not printed by you) or driving licence in your name.  You will tell us promptly in writing if you change your only or main address or contact details.

Your obligations:

You must  pay the Seasonal Pitch Fee and other charges due to us  on the days set out in Part I.  Late payments made after the due date will incur a £20 late payment charge.

You must   insure the Caravan at your own expense  against standard property damage insurable perils (including loss) and public liability.  The sum insured for these liabilities shall not be less than £5,000,000.

You must provide proof of insurance  by providing us with a copy of your insurance details at the start of this Agreement and again when it is renewed.  As we are not insurance experts, we check only the name of the insured, period of cover and the sums insured.  We assume no duty to you to check you have insured against the correct risks.

You must  keep the Caravan in a good state of repair and condition  both visually and structurally.

You must  not do or fail to do anything which might put us in breach of any condition of the Site Licence,  which is available from Reception.

You are welcome to put an awning up.  If problems with your awning are reported or noticed by our team, we will contact you but are unable to offer  any  physical help with this.  Any protruding guide ropes over the grass area will mean that you will be responsible for maintenance of the grass area.  Awning storm straps must not be fixed to the surrounding grass area.

You must not erect any permanent washing lines and any temporary lines must be removed when not in use.

You must ensure all electrical appliances are turned off and electric cables disconnected when the caravan is unoccupied.

Out of respect to your neighbours, we ask you to only park one car at your pitch, additional cars must be parked in the car park.

During each stay there must be a person over the age of 18 in the party.

You must advise us of any works to be carried out to the Caravan by external contractors

By entering into this Agreement, you must make sure that all people who use or visit the Caravan (including, in each case, children in their party) follow the park rules.

You agree that if, you or any of your family members or visitors or guests whom you have invited to the Park, or to the Caravan, break the behaviour standards listed above then we may terminate this Licence Agreement.  In addition, the following will be not tolerated: criminal activities, use of fireworks, possession of any firearm or weapons, carrying out any trade or business, allowing anyone (to your knowledge) who is on the Violent and Sex Offender Register to occupy your caravan.

Moving the Caravan – Very rarely, we may wish to disconnect and temporarily move your Caravan, giving you as much notice as possible.  We will ensure that any temporary move to an alternative pitch of similar quality will be as short as reasonably practicable.  We will always reconnect the Caravan after we have moved it.

Termination of the Licence Agreement –  The Licence Agreement may come to an end in any of the following ways: because the Agreement Period has come to an end, by you losing ownership of the Caravan, by us terminating it because you have broken your obligations under this Licence Agreement, or by either party giving the other notice in writing of their wish to end it.   No refunds are given under any circumstances.

When we may terminate the Licence Agreement –  If you are in serious breach of your obligations under this Licence Agreement and the breach is  not  capable of being remedied, or is such that it causes a breakdown in the relationship between you and us (for example violence or intentional damage to property), we may serve you with reasonable notice in writing to terminate this Licence Agreement.  In deciding what period of notice is reasonable, we shall have due regard to the nature of the breach and other relevant circumstances.

If you are in breach of any of your obligations under this Licence Agreement, which is capable of being remedied, for example, a failure to comply with the behaviour standards; which has not caused a breakdown in the relationship between you and us, or a failure to repair the Caravan or to pay Pitch Fees promptly, we may write giving you warning, specifying the breach and asking you to remedy the breach within a reasonable and specified time.  If you do not comply with that warning and the breach is either serious and/or amounts to persistent breaches of obligation, which taken individually would be minor but which taken together cause a breakdown in the relationship between you and us, we are entitled to write to you to end this Licence Agreement and to require you to make arrangements with us for the immediate removal of the Caravan from the Park.  We are also entitled to bring this Agreement to an end by writing to you giving you not less than one month’s notice.

Park Rules –  You must comply with all Park Rules.  It may be necessary or desirable to change the Park Rules.  Any changes to the Park Rules or this agreement will be available from our website or reception.

Keys –  You must provide us with a key to your caravan, which we will keep in our secure area and only use for operational, health and safety reasons, or if we have received authorisation from yourself to share with other parties. i.e., for visitors or works to your caravan.

Complaints and disputes –  In the event of a dispute that cannot be resolved between you and us, this Licence Agreement provides for disputes to be resolved by the following means:  If you have any complaint relating to this Licence Agreement, we encourage you to discuss it with us.  We may agree to refer any dispute to an Alternative Dispute Resolution service.  If we have not been able to resolve a dispute with you, then we will give you details of any service we recommend, but this does not prevent you from suggesting another for us to consider.  The above are all alternatives to going to Court, but if you prefer to go to Court, this Licence Agreement does not in any way prevent you from doing so.

Communications –  We agree that any letters or other communications between us shall be sent to the address/email appearing in Part I, unless we have told you, or you have told us of another address to be used instead.  Letters and other communications will not be addressed to you at the Caravan but may be delivered to you in person.

Revised September 2021